Check-ups and Cleanings with Your Dentists in Irvington, NJ

Dr. Sivi Jones and Dr. Gaymes use the latest technology to provide a comfortable and pain-free experience and to give you accurate, quality work.

Our office provides all patients with the knowledge and tools for maintaining a healthy, bright white smile. Through regular check-ups, exams, and proper maintenance, you and the wonderful staff of dental specialists here at Your Family Dentist will work to permanently restore your smile by fixing broken or decayed teeth and replacing missing teeth. Our main goal is to provide form and function to your smile.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Gaymes have treated thousands of patients, young and old, men and women, from every lifestyle, and they have seen and solved every dental problem. Their experience and quality of work will ensure you and your family get a pain-free and comfortable experience every time you come in.

Your dentists in Irvington, NJ listens to your concerns and requests and works to accommodate you at every appointment. Patients who have a dental emergency are able to come in the very same day to get their problem fixed. Our policy is to put you, the patient, first over everything else.

Tops Dentists in Irvington, NJ Put Comfort First

Dr. Gaymes - Check-ups and Cleanings

Dr. Gaymes explains a procedure to a patient.

We listen to you and explain our procedures, keeping you at ease at all times. Since we have treated thousands of patients and solved every possible dental situation, we are able to offer the simplest and most affordable solution.

Most patients who call with an emergency are able to come in and receive the necessary procedure that same day. Our policy is to put the patients first and do our very best for you.

We use the latest technology to provide a comfortable, gentle and pain-free experience and to give you accurate, quality work.

Complete, affordable checkups

In a checkup, one of our dentists does an oral examination and x-rays, if needed. They check for cavities and gum disease and any other oral issues that may be affecting the comfort of your mouth and the functionality of your teeth.

Gentle, thorough cleanings

check-ups and cleanings

Our hygienist Amanda demonstrates an intra-oral camera.

A  good professional cleaning is essential not only for the health of your teeth but also for your general well-being. Poor oral health is linked to many diseases and issues in the body, such as heart disease. Our dentists are very experienced, know how to clean gently, and are very thorough. In addition to providing you with a gentle but thorough professional cleaning, our staff will make sure that you understand how to take excellent care of your teeth between check-ups.

Painless, tooth-colored fillings

Dr. Gaymes gives injections you won’t even feel. She uses tooth-colored composite fillings for most cavities to blend in with your natural teeth.

Effective treatment for gum disease

Dr. Gaymes, one of the leading dentists in Irvington, NJ, has extensive knowledge and expertise in handling all types of gum disease from the milder forms, known as gingivitis, to more advanced cases commonly called periodontitis.

Pain-free extractions and root canals

We understand that having a tooth extracted, or getting a root canal, can be a traumatic and stressful experience.

Most extractions, including some routine removal of wisdom teeth, can be carried out in our office.

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Special offer for new patients

check-ups and cleanings

$35 flat fee
Full exam
Up to 4 X-rays
Gum testing
Options explained
All your questions answered.


check-ups and cleanings“Dr. Sivi Jones has been my dentist for the past ten years, during which time he has expertly taken care of all my dental needs and problems in a very professional, efficient and thorough manner.

“Dr. Jones is very dedicated to all his patients and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his making certain that they are always satisfied.”

Dr. Jones, besides being a phenomenal doctor and dental technician, is a very successful, astute and established businessman, whose primary business code of ethics, honesty and kindness, with regard to his patients and employees, is strictly practiced and encouraged.

Dr. Sivi Jones is the best!

George Braithwaite

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