emergency-girlWe will see any emergency patient for a same-day visit, whether you are a regular patient of Dr. Jones or not!

If you are having a dental emergency please pick up the phone and call our office now at 973-960-5527. We will see both new and existing patients on an emergency basis.

If you are calling on a weekday during office hours be prepared to be asked to come to our office right away. We will always try to see emergency patients the same day and in most cases within an hour of your call depending on your schedule and ours.

If you have a dental emergency AFTER HOURS or ON A WEEKEND please call 973-960-5527. Dr. Jones or Dr. Gaymes will be alerted right away and one of them will return you call within minutes most of the time to discuss your emergency and make plans to help you.

We understand that dental emergencies often come at the most inopportune time and that they can be very uncomfortable. Our dentists will do their best to help you just as quickly as possible.

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone no matter what time of the day or night it may be.

If you prefer to schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist in Irvington NJ, call us at 973-375-5575 or request an appointment online.


“I was living with a front tooth that was split vertically, but was still in one piece. The appearance of my tooth gave me a complex. Whenever I laughed or smiled I would cover my mouth.

“One day, one side of the tooth broke off. I went to a dentist from the phone book and he gave me a temporary tooth that looked like I chewed a stick a gum and stuck it where my tooth should go.

“When I went to work, one of my co-workers recommended Dr Gaymes and Dr Jones in Irvington. I called them and they saw and treated me that same day. By the end of that day, they had given me a temporary tooth that looked like a tooth and I could smile again.

” I was 23 years old when this happened and I am now 39 years old and still a patient of Dr Gaymes and Dr Sivi Jones. I would recommend them as my only choice for dental care.”

–Darex B.


Call your emergency dentist in Irvington NJ for more information or an appointment at 973-375-5575 or request an appointment online.