Learn More About Our Family Dentist in Irvington, NJ

We are a family dentist in Irvington NJ that is committed to treating the entire family, from little ones to grandparents. We are proud to offer the experience and dedication of our wonderful hygienists and dentists to handle your family’s dental care needs. Our office strives to maintain the oral health of all our patients in all stages of life. We love maintaining our patients’ oral health at every stage in life. Stop in and see why we are the first choice for dental care for many families!

Testimonials About Your Family Dentist in Irvington, NJ

“I loved the work Dr. Jones has done for me and my family. The cost was reasonable and he made me feel comfortable in the office.” – L.C.

“Dr. Jones fixed my teeth using braces and after 5 years my teeth are still straight. I would like to thank Dr. Jones and Dr. Gaymes for giving me confidence in my smile.” – N.J.

“Dr. Jones is a very good listener and explains everything just right.” – K.G.

Family Dentistry for Children

Irvington Dentist - Family Dentistry

We understand the reservations all children have when taking a trip to the dentist. Children should feel comfortable and safe when they walk through our doors, and we provide many accommodations and solutions to children’s fears. At Your Family Dentist, children have a wonderful experience with their dentist, while getting the necessary care they need.

At your family dentist in Irvington, we provide many of the latest services with the newest technology. Your family dentist will work with you on a plan that fits your budget, that will include affordable check-ups, cavity repair, dental sealants, teeth cleaning, and always instruction and education about brushing, flossing, and rinsing for your child. We want to make sure our younger patients are always healthy, and happy as they go through life.

Their First Dentist Visit

We get a lot of inquiries regarding children and dental care. That is a wonderful thing! We love to educate anyone about oral health. Kids should be about 2.5-3 years old when they get their first dental appointment. There are exceptional circumstances for making an appointment earlier if you notice brown or black spots (cavities) on your child’s teeth before that age. If you notice that after your child reaches the age of 6 months to a year old, and they do not have any teeth coming in, you may schedule an appointment, as well as an appointment with their primary care physician, as they will likely refer you over to a family dentist.

At 3 years old, kids are at a perfect age to come and explore the dentist’s office, because they are able to communicate, cooperate, and understand the dentists and dental assistants. Little brothers and sisters are more than welcome to come and watch a check-up, so they get genuine experience with what goes on in the dentist’s chair. We believe this desensitizes them to the entire process and takes away a lot of the fear they may have.

This family dentist in Irvington, NJ makes sure they are very gentle with their young patients, and make sure that they are comfortable and pain-free during their treatment.

Dental Sealants & Braces are Available at Our Family Dentist in Irvington, NJ Office

Dr. Gaymes and Dr. Jones are specialists in the development of teeth and are bringing effective and innovative ways to protect teeth to our patients. They have proven throughout the years that using sealants on children’s teeth prevents tooth decay at young ages.

These dental sealants are only applied to hard to reach surfaces, like the backside of the back teeth, where depressions and grooves in the teeth store bacteria that decays enamel, leading to cavities. The sealant is a protective plastic and is completely harmless to your child, and they will not even notice it is there. Dr. Gaymes and Dr. Jones are committed to ending childhood cavities, and their methods are making big strides in our community, as children are growing up with healthier teeth and gums, which goes with them into adulthood.

The sealants are very easy to apply for our dentists. It only takes just a few minutes to seal up the teeth that commonly harbor plaque that rots teeth. The process is easy and straightforward:

  1. The dentist cleans the tooth to ensure there is no bacteria being sealed inside
  2. The tooth’s surface is very lightly scratched, so the sealant bonds to the tooth
  3. The sealant is then applied, effectively sealing the tooth, and protecting it from harmful bacteria

Our sealants are very strong and will not come loose from normal eating and chewing. It will stay on for several years before it needs to be reapplied. Every year, Dr. Jones will check on the sealants to see how they are holding up. If there is a tooth that needs a reapplication, it will be done on the spot, and just a few minutes later, everything will be like new!

We also help teens maintain healthy, straight smiles. As children move into their teen years, they can develop special problems and concerns about their teeth.Irvington Dentist - Family Dentistry

Please bring your teenager in for an examination. Whether your teen needs fillings, braces, wisdom teeth removed or just a cleaning, you can be sure that Dr. Gaymes and Dr. Jones will care for your child’s teeth as if your child were their own.

Dr. Jones has helped many of his young patients with braces. He has additional training in Orthodontics (the branch of dentistry which deals with straightening the teeth and jaw) and is fully equipped to deal with many orthodontic issues here in our office.

Our teenage years are the most difficult for our teeth. At around 12 years old, all the baby teeth should have fallen out, and all the adult teeth have come in. And, there is always the looming question: “will my teen need braces?” We have helped countless teens with all their oral needs, and work to educate them on how to maintain a healthy smile.

Teens need extra dental care, and we are happy to provide that for them. Whether your teenager needs braces, fillings, wisdom teeth removal, or just want to come in for a cleaning, we are happy to help. Dr. Gaymes and Dr. Jones will examine your teens mouth thoroughly and provide the best care possible.

We have many young men and women that require braces, and Dr. Jones is there to help. Dr. Jones specializes in Orthodontics, which is a type of dentistry that practices fixing problems with teeth and jaw alignment. A quick exam with Dr. Jones will give you all the answers you need as a parent regarding braces or other solutions to any problems your teenager has.

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