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Laser Dentistry

Our office is extremely dedicated to bringing the best possible technology to the practice.

We have the best tech to ensure our patients that they receive the best dental care possible, without sacrificing the tried and true methods that makes a great dentist, great. In 2014, Your Family Dentist invested in a soft tissue diode laser to enhance the dental care we provide all our patients. This wonderful device treats canker sores, excess gum tissues, denture sores, aphthous ulcers, frenectomy, tongue tie, and other soft tissue problems that exist in the mouth. With the laser, there is no need for a numbing injection, as it is a completely painless procedure.


07111 Dentist

This is a new and innovative device that is used to explore areas of the mouth that are suspected of harboring any type of cancer. A standard oral cancer screening only goes so far, and the Velscope takes the results one step further. This device has saved lives with early detection and screening, and we are proud to offer it as just one more tool to combat oral disease and cancer.

Digital x-rays

07111 Dentist

These are the new way to take an x-ray image of the mouth. The benefits for the patient are many. It is fast, easy, and it is a much better quality for your dentist to read and understand what is happening inside your teeth, gums, and jawline. Digital x-rays have been proven to have a very minimal radiation output which makes it much safer for children and everyone else. Your Family Dentist cares about the environment, so switching to digital x-rays was an easy step to take, because it requires no chemical waste to dispose of, unlike the older versions. These x-rays are available to the dentist in real time, and we can even give you a copy to take home for your records, if you prefer.