laserLaser Dentistry

Dr. Jones is extremely dedicated to bring the best possible techonology to the practice. We acquire a soft tissues diode laser this year (2014) to better treat our patients. With the laser there is no anesthesia (injection) to treat the soft tissue of the mouth. It is a painless procedure. The services that we provide are removal of excess gum tissues, aphthous ulcer, canker sores, denture sores, tongue tie, frectonomy and many others.


Dvelscoper. Jones is proud to offer an innovative technology to his patients. The velscope is a device to find suspicious area of the mouth that maybe cancerous. After Dr. Jones performs an oral cancer screening he uses this device to further investigate the oral tissues for pathology. Early detection is the best approach for any questionable lesion in the mouth.


Digital x-rays

dr-jones-and-gaymes-with-screenDr. Jones incorporated digital x-rays into the practice in 2010. This addition ensures that our patient received minimal dosage of radiation (about half of the dosage for paper film) and we obtain diagnostic quality images. The advantages are less dosage, it takes less time, and it’s fast and easy. You can see the images right away and get a copy if you want.
Digital x-rays are environmental friendly since there is to chemical to dispose of.