Gentle, Friendly & Competent Dental Services

Irvington Dentist - Our Services

Dr. Jones shows a patient his new smile.

We will provide you with personal and friendly service. We have a wide range of services and expert dentists and staff to deliver them.

We give gentle care and will make you comfortable and at ease.

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General & Preventive Dentistry
We provide expert teeth cleanings, checkups, and gum care.

Family Dentistry
We are great with children and will treat your family like our family!

Irvington Dentist - Our Services

Dr. Gaymes explains treatment to a patient.

Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Makeovers
We have a full range of cosmetic services to give you a beautiful smile. We offer a free cosmetic consultation to see which cosmetic option will work best for you.

Dental Restoration & Full Mouth Reconstruction
Restore your mouth to full health and beauty!
Dr. Sivi Jones has over two decades of experience in the restoration of broken, crooked, damaged or missing teeth, and is a specialist in Implant Dentistry. He can design and fits crowns, bridges, dental implants and complete and partial dentures to replace missing teeth and restore your mouth to health. Get a no-charge consultation with Dr. Jones to review your options. Click here to learn more.

Porcelain Veneers & Ultra-Thin Lumineers
Porcelain veneers can make a huge difference to your smile. Click here to learn which dental conditions the application of veneers can correct.

Irvington Dentist - Our Services

Our hygienist Amanda demonstrates an intra-oral camera.

Adult Dentistry (Senior Dentistry)
Oral and dental treatment as you get older requires a more specialized care and understanding. We will help you keep your natural teeth and where needed restore them to give you an attractive, rejuvenating smile. Learn more.

Dental Implants
Are you missing teeth or do you need extractions? We provide quality, durable natural-looking dental implants. Sometimes it is difficult to know which solution is best for your teeth and budget. Dr. Sivi Jones provides a no-charge consultation. Learn more.

Root Canals
Our root canals are fast and comfortable thanks to the use of motorized rotary instruments and local anesthetic.

Gum Disease Treatment
We treat mild to intermediate gum disease non-surgically. Click here to learn more.

Teeth Whitening
With Zoom! In-Office Whitening, you can have teeth that are up to 8 shades whiter in less than one hour.
Porcelain Crowns
Our crowns are made of high-quality porcelain and filler material. We make sure they look natural and fit the rest of your smile

We make accurately fitting, natural-looking and comfortable dentures that are placed in such a way as to deter bone loss.

Dental Bonding
Dental bonding can be an affordable and quick solution for making cosmetic improvements by changing the color of your teeth or reshaping your teeth.

We do routine extractions and some wisdom teeth.

We understand that you can’t plan your dental emergencies, and we do everything we can to schedule you an immediate appointment if you have one. If you are in pain, have a broken tooth, or some other dental emergency, please call us right away.

Call us for more information or an appointment at 862-245-1944 or request an appointment online.