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Proper Nutrition for Children’s Dental Health

You might be a fan of leafy greens and whole grains, but the chances are that your kids aren’t. Encouraging your preschoolers to have a healthy diet is essential for their dental health. Here are some tips to keep them eating right with the help of your Newark dentists.

Use Shapes

Sandwiches are much more enjoyable to eat when they’re shaped like an animal or a star. This is also true of watermelon and other fruits. Use any cookie cutter to make their food into a fun adventure.

Finger Foods

Preschoolers are more apt to eat their food if they can use their fingers. It’s almost like tricking them into thinking they are having a snack instead of dinner. Cut up that sandwich into small bites. Make sure you also choose fruits and veggies that you can serve in small pieces.

This makes their food less intimidating while also offering portion control. In these special “snacks,” you should be able to sneak in lots of nutrients without them knowing.

Bento Boxes

One of the most popular things to use right now is a Bento box. This is a Japanese box, ideal for serving a single portion. It’s also great if you send your little one off to preschool. They offer the chance to provide a variety of foods, while still keeping the portion sizes in the healthy range. You might find that you like Bento boxes so much, you end up buying one to take to work for yourself as well.

Take the time to construct your kid’s foods to offer all the vitamins and minerals they need. This isn’t just important for healthy bodies, but also strong teeth and gums. If you need help deciding what to feed your preschooler, talk to your Newark dentists at your child’s next checkup at our office. Your extra care ensures that they have healthy mouths for many years.

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