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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth or Third Molars

Typically, our jaws do not grow big enough and don’t have enough room for our wisdom teeth to come in properly. Since there isn’t enough space for them to properly break through the surface, they often come in at an odd angle or don’t fully emerge through the gum, which can often cause problems with the rest of your teeth.

Our wisdom teeth will often cause damage to their adjacent teeth. Therefore, your Irvington NJ dentist will often recommend removing them before they become a major problem that could require more complicated surgeries.


Why Isn’t There Enough Room for my Wisdom Teeth?

Today, our jaws are not the same size that they used to be. This is due to diets that lack certain nutrients which are meant to help our jaws develop properly, namely Vitamin K2. This important vitamin is responsible for taking calcium out of our foods and putting it back into our bones, resulting in stronger, healthier growth.

We typically no longer eat as many foods such as liver and other organ meats that are high in Vitamin K2. Which is why these days, underdeveloped lower parts of the face are so common. Our ancestors, who did not eat our modern diets, had much better jaw development which allowed for all 32 teeth to come in properly.


Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

To check if you have enough room for your wisdom teeth or third molars, try placing a finger behind your second molar. If there is a flat pad of tissue, you may have enough room for your third molars to come in. However, if the tissue curves upwards, the chances are that you do not have enough room for them.

This method, of course, is only a way to get a rough idea of whether you will need to have your wisdom teeth removed. This is quite similar to what your dentist will check during a checkup. However, it is important to consult with your Irvington NJ dentist to get a professional opinion on the subject.


If you’re experiencing pain or want to know more about your wisdom teeth, simply call Jones Dental Associates of Irvington at (862) 245-1944 to schedule a consultation with your Irvington NJ dentist, Dr. Jones!

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