Broken Teeth

Teeth are durable, but not invincible. This means they can break from an injury or from decay. Broken teeth cause discomfort and pain. The good news is that if you have a broken tooth Dr. Jones can help you! He and his team have handled just about every scenario you can imagine and are ready to handle your broken or cracked tooth.

Come visit Dr. Jones so he can see what needs to be done to help you. There are many different options to repair broken or chipped teeth. Some of the options are permanent and temporary fixes can be done as well. He will present you with repair options tailor-made just for you.

Never try to live with a broken tooth. Besides being uncomfortable and embarrassing, a broken tooth causes damage to the other healthy teeth in your mouth. A broken tooth affects the other teeth by making them work harder or move in to fill the open space. If you leave a broken tooth for too long without getting it fixed, it could cause ALL of your other teeth to shift to make up for the missing part of the tooth. This weakens all of your other teeth.

Get yourself in to our office as soon as possible so we can give you a smile to show off! We want you to enjoy smiling and eating again without worry or discomfort.

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