A Family-Friendly Dental Group

Jones Dental Associates of Irvington provides dental services to everyone in your family, whether you need pediatric services or adult dentistry. Dr. Sivi Jones and his wife Dr. Jacqueline Gaymes are compassionate healthcare providers (and parents themselves) who tend to each patient with understanding and personal care.

We start treating children at toddler age (2.5 to 3 years), or younger in certain cases. Children that regularly visit the dentist tend to take better care of their own teeth. This helps to prevent cavities and other decay that could hinder healthy development.

Teenagers face different challenges as they become susceptible to other issues including cavities, misalignment, and wisdom teeth removal. Occasionally the unexpected injury leads to a broken or chipped tooth which needs fixing. As a specialist in orthodontics, Dr. Jones has the expertise to resolve these issues and restore oral health.

Our patients age 50 and older are uniformly pleased with the quality of care they have received for more complex dental procedures, including implant dentistry, denture work, bridges, and crowns.

Jones Dental Associates can take care of all of your dental needs. After a comprehensive examination, we will customize a treatment plan that fits your needs, your budget and your schedule. Call our office to book an appointment now or fill out the form on this page to contact us.

Jones Dental Associates of Irvington

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