Dental Fillings

Tooth decay happens to just about everyone. Sometimes there’s no escaping the need to have dental fillings in order to restore damaged teeth. Advances in dental technology in recent years have enabled practitioners like Jones Dental Associates to provide healthier and more natural looking alternatives to traditional silver or amalgam fillings. We relieve pain and discomfort from cavities or damaged teeth, which means we can also give you back a smile that looks as natural as ever.

The benefits of natural fillings go beyond a beautiful smile. When silver fillings are used, dentists have to remove healthy tooth material around a cavity in order to help keep an amalgam filling in place. Newer composite materials enable dentists to remove only the decayed area of a cavity. Unlike amalgam, composite bonding expands just like your teeth, and are much less likely to cause cracks in your tooth. This way you end up with a stronger tooth. You also save more of your natural tooth, and therefore make a better investment in your dental care.

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